Baby Gammy Case Forces Thailand to Outlaw Commercial Surrogacy for Foreigners

Baby Gammy has been a topic on this blog for some time, and now the fallout from this case and several others has created a new law in Thailand. Thailand’s military-picked legislature passed a law that effectively criminalizes commercial surrogacy and prohibits foreigners from seeking surrogacy services.

According to the Associated Press,

The law, which prohibits the act of hiring women commercially to carry fetuses to term, aims to stop Thailand from being a surrogacy hub for foreign couples, or from becoming "the wombs of the world," National Legislative Assembly member Wanlop Tangkananurak told The Associated Press on Friday.

"Surrogacy business leaves too much long-term trouble for Thailand, so we are banning foreign couples from seeking surrogacy in our country to avoid being a hub and to prevent what we saw last year," Wanlop said.

The parliament voted 160 to 2 to pass the law Thursday night.

Baby Gammy and the case involving a Japanese man who fathered at least 16 babies via Thai surrogates has caused this knee jerk reaction in a country that has long been seen as a favorable climate for surrogacy. Under the new law, a Thai couple is allowed to seek a surrogate to carry the fetus only if they are able to prove that they are infertile. A couple with one Thai spouse seeking surrogacy must be married for at least three years.

It also says that anyone involved in commercial surrogacy will face a maximum jail term of 10 years and a maximum fine of 200,000 baht ($6,100).

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