Italian Court Takes Parental Rights Away from Parents via Surrogacy

In a case that has shocked many here in the United States, the Italian Supreme Court has stripped a couple of their parental rights over their child born via surrogacy. As we all know surrogacy is illegal in Italy, regardless of where the child is born. In this case, when the parents attempted to register their child born in the Ukraine without a mother being listed on the birth certificate, they were denied. A court case followed, and that court has decided that the child must be put up for adoption.

According to the news source AFP:

The couple from northern Italy, both in their fifties and infertile, had been turned down three times in their bid to adopt a child before they turned to surrogacy.

They paid 25,000 euros ($31,150) to a surrogate mother in Ukraine, who refused to give her name when the baby was born in 2011, leaving the birth certificate blank.

When the couple returned to Italy and tried to register the boy at the registry office, they were charged with fraud, La Stampa daily said, without providing details on how the would-be parents were found out.

Despite a request from the prosecution to leave the child in the Italian couple s care, the court decided that the "child of no-one" — whose mother cannot be traced — must be put up for adoption.

The ultimate lesson here is that surrogacy is not something to take lightly without making certain you cover all of your bases when returning home with your child. Had this couple came here to California for surrogacy, they would have had their own names placed directly on their child’s birth certificate. In that situation this story would have likely ended much differently than what these parents are now dealing with at home.


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